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Lear Landscapes.
6-day Nordic Laboratory on Föglö on Åland 20 – 26 November 2009. Participants: Maximum 12 actors and acting students. Teachers: Heidrun Kaletsch and Grete Sneltvedt. Documentation: Katja von der Ropp.

Oh! That way madness lies -

What is a myth? What is it about? Why does it touch us? Why don’t we ever get tired of listening to myths? What do they tell us?

Fear and courage, love and hate, stories about the infinite fight of the human soul tell about a profound condition of human existence: the journey through life from initial darkness towards the light of wisdom and maturity – a journey full of obstacles and errors, danger and salvation – with the set aim to overcome one's own limits. And always in search of the truth that shall give us a new perception of oneself.
With King Lear Shakespeare tells us such a myth in the protagonists' journey through blindness, folly, abandonment that leads them through darkness to finally gaining insight into their own nature.
King Lear as a collective journey through a wayward landscape is the subject of this laboratory.

Through analysis based on the ideas of Tovstonogov, Vassiliev and Alschitz and training that connects Russian traditions with View Point (Anne Bogart), we will search for openings of the play at the table and on the floor. The active analyses will take care of differentiate theatrical expressions; body and voice, movement and language, space and time.

This laboratory is the first in a series of eight that will culminate in a Nordic King Lear performance. The laboratories are a part of a wider project called Shakespeare Revisited: An enquiry into theory and praxis which focuses on Nordic cooperation between artists and scientists in performing arts.

The price of 750 € will cover the seminar, lodging and full pension. Actors must pay their own travelling expenses.
For further information about the seminar and the costs and possible support through funds please contact LumparLab: Grete Sneltvedt tel:+358 18 358 27 or +358457 3427 188 e-mail: tekhne@aland.net or Heidrun Kaletsch e-mail: heidrun.kaletsch@web.de