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Action & Project for the 150° anniversary of Anton Chekhov, Yelets.
An initiative of artists from all over the world.
Idea: M° Jurij Alschitz.
Dear Friends, Dear Collegues,

We have the pleasure to say to you that a lot of people have answered to our first calling and so the wave that we had spoken of started to move.

Now we're proposing to you our first impression about the programm of that event which we plan to realize to make a really artistic celebration for our dear Anton.
We are open to accept every new idea or crazy suggestion from you to make it a really original and unique, extraordinary birthday party.
Today we want to invite you to come with us to Yelets on the 29 of January of 2010. (Look attached programme)

We need your help to create this special event and we are asking to our collegues that like us belong to Theater and love Chekhov. And of course we need your help to create the sculpture to bring it as gift to Yelets.
For us it's really important to clerify and to say with strong decision that it is not a commercial project but it is a action for the Theater and for the theater's people.

For this reason You can help and support us in different ways:
You can come with us and so make our caravan as big as possible. You can support us by sending this mail to your friends and collegues with some words of explication trying to be far as posssible from the idea of spamming.
You can share with us your opinion and ideas about this project.

you can make a donation of whatever amount for the creation of the sculpture.
Transfer it to this bank account:

for Italy:

Associazione culturaleá

“Arterie - Centro interculturale Ricerche Teatraliö

via per Modena 132

41030 Bomporto (Mo)

IBAN: it 14 c 02008 12910 000100643418, Banca Unicredit

Con la causale: donazione NINA-PROJECT

For the rest of the world:


IBAN: DE89100500000230032206

BIC: BELADEBEXXX, Berliner Sparkasse

with the remark: donation NINA-PROJECT

Thank you for your attention and for the time that you spend for this project.
For each question, doubt or proposition please do not esitate and write to: