The base rates for the Estonian Actors Union members working for the Estonian Public Broadcasting radio in 2023.

The base rate is the minimum gross wage from which the employer must deduct all taxes prescribed by law and pay social tax (33%).

1. Minimum pay (up to 6 working hours, the working time can be divided into several at least 2-hour calls by agreement with the actor):

A part (leading role): 143 euros
B part (leading supporting role): 103.13 euros
C part (one episode) up to 2 working hours: 38.50 euros

2. Additional pay for point 1 rate (from the seventh hour): 26.13 euros

3. Recitation of poetry and prose:

First 15 minutes: 39.88 euros
Each additional minute: 1.10 euros

4. Announcements: 26.13 euros