Free use

It is allowed to use a recording already made by a Union member freely and without charge for educational and scientific purposes only.
The work may be used if:
  ● the work has been lawfully published;
  ● the use of the work is not for commercial purposes;
  ● the work is used in reasonable amounts for educational or scientific purposes by teaching staff and/or students;
  ● the source is attributed, where possible;
  ● if the performance is included in a public defence of a thesis, this is done free of charge and the audience or viewership is primarily teaching staff and students, or other individuals (parents, guardians, carers, etc.) who are directly associated with the educational institution where the work is presented publicly;
  ● the reproduction of the work in digital form and the dissemination to the public takes place only in a secure electronic environment accessible only to students/teaching staff of the educational institution.
Please contact if you have any doubts about whether your intended use is permitted.