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The 5th International Festival of Making Theater.
Festival will be held in Athens, Greece, July 5th – 12th 2009.
During a whole week of creative interaction, Theater Makers from different arts of the world will have the chance to share and get acquainted with new Working methods and ideas, regarding the following three sectors: Acting, Movement and Voice.
Especially for this year Theater of Changes will host the following workshops:

• "Improvisation: The Essential Tool", Michael Bond ( United Kingdom )
• "Inside Out - From realism and beyond", Sašo and Mojtina Jurcer ( Slovenia)
• "Kitaido – Energy Body Expression", Avigail Gelehrter – James Smith (Israel)
• "The way of the Energetic Voice and Vocal Action" Shamal Amin – Nigar Hasib (Iraq, Austria)
• "Commedia dell’Arte", Byron Scouris – Camilla Bombardini (Brazil. Italy)
• "Creative Chaos in Fitzmaurice Voicework", Michael Morgan (U.S.A. California)
• " A Rite of Spring", Neil Van der Linden (Netherlands)
• "Parallel Lines: An organic relationship between text and its corporality", Cristobal Muhr (Chile)
• "Feed the Actor inside of You ", Kemal Basar (Turkey)
• "The place of Eyes in Body", Mahmoudreza Rahimi – Arash Hamedian (Iran)
• "Writing for Actors", Chris Taylor ( United Kingdom)
• "Acting without Acting", Gabriela Dumitru – Tamer Yousry (Romania - Egypt)
• "Theater of Tenderness: Passion and Killers of the Passion", Marija Gajic (Serbia)
• "Seeing between the lines: shamanic skills for actors", Helen Fost (United Kingdom)
• "Butoh based Movement Therapy for Performers", Simona Orinska (Latvia)

Performances by: E. Tsolakidis, S. and M. Jurcer, S. Amin – N. Hasib, M. Rahimi – A. Hamedian

The festival’s program is the following:

Sunday July 5th Arrival day
Monday July 6th – Friday July 10th Workshops, Performances, Discussion.
Saturday July 11th Excursion to Epidaurus U.K. National Theatre's production of Racine’s "Phedre"
(optional for participants)
Sunday July 12th Departure day

English will be the official language of the festival


Theater of Changes invites, actors, directors, drama school students, dancers, choreographers, singers, acting, voice and movement teachers and finally all those with a vivid interest in performing arts to attend the workshops of the 5th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.), which will be held July 5th-12th, 2009, at the Theater of Changes, 19a 3is Septemvriou str, 104 32, Athens, Greece.

The selected participants will be divided into three groups.

All participants should send their Application Form until June 30th 2009 (once the Application Form is filled just press the "submit button").

Otherwise, you may submit it:
• By post: Theater of Changes 19A 3is Septemvriou str.
104 32 Athens Greece

• By Fax: +30 – 210 – 5246833 or

• By E-mail: info@toc.gr or tostudio@hol.gr