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Teatro Punto and Generale Oost present:
4 weeks intensive Commedia dell'Arte school and International Theatre Training Festival. 29 of June until 24 of July, 2009 in Holland.
Frans Strijards, Director Art & Pro Amsterdam
"The power of imagination is no longer a cry from the past. I have seen Teatro Punto at work and it was a thrilling experience."

David McDonald, New York Wagner University
"As Teatro Punto instructors will tell you, the body does not lie, The Company members model the philosophy of discipline, creativity, and playfulness Without exception, workshop participants grow as artists, actors, and people."

The Workshop consists of:

• Analyse of movement
• Physical transformation/metamorphoses
• From Tragedy to Comedy
• Musicality and timing
• Mask and archetypal characters
• Improvisation and scene composition
• Study of interaction between actor and audience

Teatro Punto is a theatre company under the artistic leadership of Katrien Van Beurden and Carlos Garcia Estévez. It develops performances and workshops, based on Modern Commedia dell' Arte. With an international team of actors, it is active in countries such as The Netherlands, America, France and Spain. Its workshops are designed for professional actors and for theatre academies such as the Arnhem acting school, the Wagner University in New York and the Frank Sanders Music Theatre Academy in Amsterdam.

The company makes theatre where the actor is the author of the story. He does this through movement, text, techniques, imagination and the drift to perform. The main source of inspiration is Commedia dell'Arte. With its famous masks and archetypes. Teatro Punto occupies itself with the archetypes of today while developing a very characteristic and contemporary actors' theatre. Full of acting possibilities it is precise and vulnerable, yet above all else it is alive.

All the actors and directors of Teatro Punto will be teaching at the
school. The teachers all speak English and apart, Italian, Dutch,French and Spanish.

TP training festival
The last week there will be a training Festival. During that week there will be several workshops and seminars from directors, actors and mask makers from Italy, Spain, Unites States, Belgium and France, specialised in mask making, physical theatre, voice, mime, theater philosophy and text and Movement.

Every night the actor/students who did the month workshop will perform at the festival.

Information about prices and accommodation

You can do the summer school workshop exclusive or inclusive the festival.

* 4 weeks intensive Commedia dell' Arte school, inclusive festival 29 June-25 July € 1250,00

* 3 weeks intensive Commedia dell' Arte school 29 June-17 July € 975,00

* 1 week Teato Punto trainings festival 21- 25 off July € 275,00

It is possible to pay in several times. Inclusive warm lunch.

The first three weeks will take place in Arnhem. This is one hour from Amsterdam at the theatre of Generale Oost. www.generaleoost.nl.

The Festival week will take place in the center of Amsterdam at the Fijnhout Theatre. For housing during this weeks we recommend you the Stay Okay in Arnhem and Amsterdam.

The price is around €28,00 a night inclusive breakfast.

* Stay Okay Arnhem :http://www.stayokay.com / arnhem@stayokay.com

* Stay Okay Amsterdam www.stayokay.com/vondelpark

For more information about accommodation look at www.vvv.nl (Tourist information).

you can confirm by sending your curriculum vitae, motivation letter, photo, and by the payment of the training you choose for. For more information info@teatropunto.net

Judith Chaffee, Boston University
"Teatro Punto creates an energetic, focused, and exciting atmosphere in which actors become willing to take risks and laugh at their mistakes. My students who have attended at their trainings rave about it."

Ellada Evangelou, Director Rooftop theatre, Cyprus
"Teatro PUNTO has developed an approach to Commedia Dell Arte through a careful process of deconstruction (of Traditional Commedia Dell Arte), the analysis of the elements (movement, mask, character etc) and the reconstruction into a new "type" of Commedia "

Teatro Punto
de Kempenaerstraat 11 A
1051 CJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 486 23 62