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Action Lab
20 fights in 7 days. 13th -19th of July 2009.
There are a maximum of 6-8 places available for advanced actor combatants in this non stop full action show reel for your fight CV. The fighting begins with 3 full days of choreography and rehearsals followed by a 4 day shoot on location.

Participants will work on one full fight (weapon of choice) and several shorter action sequences (knife, gun, or unarmed) all ideal footage for your fight CV.

We shoot the fights in different atmospheric locations with one to one direction. This is a real opportunity to learn more about the film making process and the specialisation of filming Action sequences in a practical hands on environment.

Take Away
After the filming and editing process is completed we will then create an edited show reel of all the fights for each participant. The final version will also feature on the Rc-Annie Website.
Check out the 2008 Reel on our website www.rc-annie.com

Full Fee: £600. Concession: £550. Deposit of £50 due before 1st May 2009
Locations: London rehearsal venue and South East England filming locations.

Please send a CV and letter to rachel@rc-annie.com to apply.