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European association for theatre culture Akt-Zent internationales theaterzentrum
Research centre of the theatre training and education committee of the international theatre institute/UNESCO.
Dear friends and colleagues,
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We would like to inform you once more about the Theatre Summer Academy. You can find the detailed information under: Theatre-Summer-Academy-2009-en.pdf

VII. International Theatre Summer Academy
29th of June - 18th of July 2009
La Corte Ospitale - Rubiera - Italy
Artistic direction: Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz

Within our European long-term research project on “The Art of Dialogue”, the International Theatre Summer Academy plays one of the main roles with its theme:

Theatre in Dialogue with the Arts
Three different courses will follow three lines of research:

I. Dialogue between Theatre and Literature
II. Dialogue between Theatre and Music
III. Dialogue between Theatre and the Visual Arts
By inviting theatre directors, actors, dramaturgs, musicians and visual artists the aim is to open various dialogues between theatre and literature - music - visual arts.

In order to provide a common ground for artists from different fields all participants will work on the same text - Pushkin's “Mozart and Salieri”. Each course will look at the material from a different perspective, hereby using methodologies from various fields in order to provide different levels of analysis on the existing text, and at the same time to enrich theatre training and rehearsal methods. For the mis-en-scene of the piece, we want to combine different tools from theatre, music and the visual arts, creating a dialogue between these art forms.

AKT-ZENT International Theatre Centre
Research Centre of ITI-UNESCO Theatre Training Committee
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